5 People Who Make a Living as Video Gamers

5 People Who Make a Living as Video Gamers

While it's not the most common career path out there, there are a few people who have managed to make gaming a successful full-time job. Some do it through YouTube gaming, providing humor and entertainment to subscribers, while others do it through intense competitive or eSports gaming.

These 5 people are not only making a living through gaming, but are very successful. They provide a lot of entertainment for gaming fans all around the world, and some have become very wealthy doing so. Check out these 5 fantastic gamers making a great living through playing video games!

Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora

Among those who are fans of DOTA 2, this name might be one that you've seen a few times. This is particularly true if you enjoy watching the big leagues. Arora is an American player who is positioned as an offlaner for the Evil Geniuses team. Through all of his winnings, Arora is known to have won a lot of money, surpassing every other player from North America.

Overall, this player has earned over $581,000 from his gaming endeavors, as well as over 250,000 more from deals, contracts and other aspects of his gaming career. If you're a big fan of eSports gaming, then this is one player to keep your eye on!

make gaming a successful full-time job


Markiplier, also known as Mark Edward Fischbach, is a well-known YouTube gamer with over 21 million subscribers currently. He's known for a wide variety of game playthroughs that display a sense of humor that involves a very animated nature, involving screaming and sometimes even a few tears. Many also know this YouTuber by the pink mustache seen on many of his illustrated likenesses.

In addition to that, Markiplier is known to often dye his hair unique, bright colors, helping him to stand out. Through his YouTube channel, Mark is known to bring in about 3.8 million per year. What's more, a lot of his money is also sent to charity, which is truly a noble way to use it. He's also known to collaborate with some other YouTubers like PewDiePie, Game Grumps and more.


This high-energy YouTuber is said to make about 5.1 million per year due to the popularity of his YouTube channel. Posting daily, Jacksepticeye keeps his viewers entertained and included, desiring to create a community that is highly inclusive. Many also enjoy the touch of Irish style he brings to his videos with a quirky accent in addition to his high level of energy. 

Furthermore, Jacksepticeye does sometimes collaborate with other YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, Game Grumps and more. Early on, these collaborations helped to bring the rising YouTuber more subscribers, eventually helping him to reach over 20 million subscribers. That's no small feat! There's truly something to be said for the energy and entertainment Jacksepticeye can provide. 

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez

Another eSports player making a living through his gaming career is Carlos Rodriguez, also known as “Ocelote”. This Spanish-speaking gamer is well known for his League of Legends gaming capabilities as part of the SK Gaming team. In addition, he has also been a professional player for World of Warcraft. There's no end to the gaming this guy can do professionally! 

Furthermore, Rodriguez is known to be a very eloquent speaker, as well as an attractive figure for game branding. Typically, from a combination of gaming and merchandising, this gamer earns between about $820,000 and $950,000 each year. While only part of this income is from gaming specifically, he has found a great way to put make his gaming capabilities work for a very successful income. 

great living through playing video games


One of the most successful gamers out there today is PewDiePie, who makes about 8 million on a yearly basis through his YouTube channel as well as other efforts. There are few gamers or YouTubers out there who aren't familiar with this name. Also known as Felix, PewDiePie is a producer/comedian who makes a wide variety of “let's play” videos on YouTube. 

With over 66 million subscribers, PewDiePie is one YouTuber who far surpasses the majority of other YouTube gamers out there. Though he has been part of some controversy, he maintains a high level of popularity as well as a decent income through gaming. These days, his channel also includes vlogs and other types of comedy videos on top of gaming. 


Making a living through gaming can be a difficult goal, but it's certainly not impossible. Whether it's comedy-based or centered within the competitive realm, there are plenty of people who make a decent amount of money at it. While only a few may get rich from the endeavor, gaming can be a decent way to bring in a little passive income or winnings. Just do plenty of research on what these successful gamers have done to get there!

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