Advantages PC Gaming Has Over Console Gaming

pc vs console

For years, there’s been debate within the gaming community regarding the best method by which to play the latest games. Some swear by their console of choice, whether it be a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft one. Others, though, have embraced a different route altogether in PC gaming. This is an entirely different beast than the world of console gaming, and it comes with some unique advantages that you might not think of or expect if you’re more familiar with traditional consoles. Here we’re going to be going over some of those advantages, and what makes PC gaming a reasonable, if not ideal choice. 

No Console Cycle

A trademark aspect of the world of console gaming is its reliance on the console cycle. Though some believe this cycle is now dead, it has established a clear pattern over the years: Every five to ten years, the three big companies – Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft – have released brand-new consoles featuring all of their latest and upcoming games. This has typically come with a boost to graphical power, as well as an inflated price. Despite the fact that, as mentioned, some think this cycle has come to a stop, we wouldn’t bet on it; history indicates that there will always be another console, even if it comes with only modest improvements. PC gamers, on the other hand, only need to build a gaming PC once. There will be the occasional upgrades, but these are entirely optional, meaning that for the most part, a gaming PC is a one-time purchase (or will at least remain relevant longer than a console will). 

Game Selection

In part due to the fact that the console cycle doesn’t exist, the PC market has exclusive access to an astonishingly high number of games compared to alternatives. The download-driven Steam service alone has over 30,000 games on it now – well above the count that any console can offer. Plus, it’s worth factoring in that PCs give you easy access to browser-based games. This means you can enjoy any of your old arcade favorites or MMO games on the same device you use for brand new content. It also provides access to the top casino sites on the market, which is a whole wing of the gaming industry that consoles essentially miss out on. With all of this considered – download options, old browser arcades, and new casinos – the sheer volume of entertainment is a major point in PCs’ favor. 


One of the unique benefits PC gamers get access to that console gamers often don’t is the modding scene. Adding and altering things in your favorite game can be a great way to extend the amount of time and enjoyment you get out of it, but it’s very difficult, and in some cases all but impossible to do when dealing with consoles. On PCs, by contrast, there are all sorts of tools that you can use to add to augment a given game. Steam itself even has its own workshop, an officially supported modding tool that allows players to make their own alterations to certain games.


One final big bonus that PC gamers get over their console counterparts is the ability to customize their experience in a variety of different ways – and we don’t mean through further in-game modifications. PC gamers can choose what kinds of controllers they want to use, what they want the system they’re playing on to look like, how to decorate said system, and more. They also often get the opportunity to reconfigure control schemes, allowing them to choose a method of controlling any given game that’s easier or more comfortable than a default setup. 

None of this is to suggest that consoles don’t have their advantages as well. But reading through the above points, you can begin to understand why some gamers don’t just lean toward PCs, but wind up preferring them strongly. 

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