Best Headset Stand to Buy in 2019

Best Headset Stand to Buy in 2019

Headsets are part of almost everyone's daily life. Whether you’re socializing, working or gaming, a headset is always there for you. It's when you accidentally drop it or trip on its cord and end up tearing it, that you realize there's gotta be a better way to handle your headset than just have it lying around asking for a mishap. Right on queue, a headset stand comes in to help you deal with your headphones situation neatly and in style.

Top 7 Best Headset Stand Comparison Chart

A headset stand is an efficient way to keep your headphones safe yet easily accessible, as well as maintain your work area organized and clutter-free.

However, as you dive in the stands’ market, you'll find tons of different options which may be a bit overwhelming. No need to worry though as we reviewed and filtered through all that jazz to present you with the best 7 headphone stands out there.

Our Top Picks

 LUXA2 E-One Gold Solid-Metal Aluminum Universal Gaming Headphone Stand

Simple and straightforward is the concept the LUXA2 manufactures based their design around. This sturdy stand is the true meaning of what you see is what you get with its full body aluminum structure that promises the highest level of endurance. The one-piece headphone stand comes out of the box ready for action demanding no assembly. The edges are diamond cut for a scratch-free outcome along with a premium sleek feel. At the bottom, its base is fitted with rubber soles to avoid leaving marks on your desk while staying firmly grounded at the same time.

So, If you're a fan of the minimalistic clean-cut look coupled with reliable functionality, then the LUXA2 headphone stand is definitely right up your alley. 

Things We Like

  • Highly durable aluminum build
  • One-piece convenience, no assembly required
  • Well weighted base for stability
  • Rubberized base to dodge marks and scratches
  • Slender taking up minimal space

Things We Don't

  • Headphone rest lacks padding
  • Not compatible with headphones taller than 9 inches
AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder

Sporting a creative non-conventional shape, the AmoVee headphone stand is just as functional as it’s stylish. Made completely out of acrylic, this stand is thin, lightweight and even flexible enough to withstand bending, pulling and squeezing. Although the acrylic material makes it cheaper than metallic ones, a huge downside to note is how easy it is to fall over. Unless kept out of the way, you can accidentally knock it over with your arm or hand even if a headphone is placed on it.

In an effort to improve the stability issues, newer versions are thicker with sponge pads at the bottom to minimize sliding. The design of the AmoVee stand is no doubt an eye-catcher with its unique curve and black matte finish, deeming it a solid pick if your headphones are not too bulky.

Things We Like

  • Innovative modern design
  • Compact
  • Simple, no assembly needed
  • Affordable

Things We Don't

  • Low durability
  • Easily gets knocked over
  • Body not padded
  • Doesn't handle cables
Avantree Aluminum Headphone Stand

Although the name suggests an entire steel structure, that's not quite the case which isn't all bad. The Avantree stand consists of a silicon base for cable storage where a steel upright stem is mounted. On top, you'll find a padded rest also made of silicon which is great to protect headphones from getting scratched. This practical yet affordable design makes it a favorite among many users.

Durability on this one isn't an issue as both steel and silicon last for ages. However, silicon tends to be difficult to stay in place so you'll need to check it's intact from time to time especially if your headphones are pricey and in need of absolute care. 

Things We Like

  • Durable steel structure
  • Silicone scratch-proof headphone rest
  • Nice design works with many settings
  • Base to hold the cable
  • Helpful customer support

Things We Don't

  • Weight can be too light for heavier headphones
  • Silicon pad tends to slide out of place
MOCREO Acrylic Dual Balance Headset Stand

When in need for more storage room, the Mocreo Dual Headphone stand has what it takes to get the job done. Here, we're looking at a 3-parted stand made of premium quality acrylic that's less flexible than the AmoVee stand. The base is rectangular which enhances stability and was even made thicker for further sturdiness. It also serves as a platform for headset accessories or a phone. Over the base stands a strong arm where a vertical double hooked stand is screwed in. The glossy finish is rather fashionable but makes it prone to collecting dust and fingerprints, for this reason, a brush is included to help keep things neat.

The Mocreo Hanger offers space to hold two or more headphones at the same time, even bigger professional ones. One thing to take care is not getting too ambitious with extra weight and end up having it tumble over with the slightest shake.

Things We Like

  • Stability-boosting design
  • Holds 2 headphones in the least
  • Non-slip base
  • Additional room for phone or accessories

Things We Don't

  • Easily collects dust and fingerprints
  • Headphone rest needs padding
  • Acrylic demands more care in handling
  • Cords have no designated place
Elevation Lab The Anchor, Under - Desk Headphone Stand

Sometimes a desk can get too crowded with all the different gear lying around, that you wish you had room for a headset stand but it seems that you just can't make any. Well, then you haven't met The Anchor. This particular stand doesn't belong on top of your desk, it actually goes below. Using a strong 3M VHB adhesive, it's fixated to the underside of the desk where it stays firmly mounted but still very much in your reach. The adhesive is pretty strong and can take on the weight of two headphones with no issues.

The stand itself is made of thick high-quality silicone that protects your headset while being soft enough to not harm your knee if you accidentally bump it. Despite not being really fitting to bigger headphones, you can still hang them if being crooked doesn't bother you. The Anchor is an awesome handy option if your workspace isn't quite spacious.

Things We Like

  • Tough but smooth silicone material
  • Less clutter
  • Simple to use
  • Carries two headphones

Things We Don't

  • Removing requires much effort, not portable
  • Too much weight will cause detachment
  • Doesn't work well with wooden surfaces
Qadira Wooden Headphone Stand

Although similar to the AmoVee in the inverted U shape design, the Qadira Headphone stand has its own distinct features. Instead of acrylic, the Qadira stand is made of real lightwood. Now, wood may not be as durable as steel but it still beats acrylic and plastic which means that with correct handling, it’s bound to last a long time. The build is rather nice and appears to be well crafted with the edges smoothed out and polished. The base has rubber padding to decrease its wear off and the scratching of your desk.

This stand is 10 inches high but its wide almost squared base makes it more stable and less likely to be tipped over. It requires no assembly and hangs only one headphone. Throwing in the natural classic raw look, and you got yourself a handsome addition to any surrounding.

Things We Like

  • Chic contemporary design
  • Padded base for less sliding
  • Real lightweight wood material
  • No assembly needed, comes as one piece

Things We Don't

  • Not really universally compatible
  • Somewhat Wobbly
  • There seem to be shipment issues where it arrives damaged
  • Taking headphones off requires both hands
Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Finishing on a high note, the Satechi Aluminum stand holder is full of potential. Built with premium aluminum material, it is dependable, stable and equipped to maintain your headphone safety. Its base is rubberized for a more secure grip on any surface without leaving a mark behind.

However, what really stands out with the Satechi stand is its versatility. It includes an impressive number of 3 USB ports which means you can easily transfer or backup data. It also carries a 3.5 mm port for your headphones to enjoy music via connected devices. The design is basic and clean with no fuss whatsoever. On the back, a hook is planted to keep cables intact. As far as durability goes, it shouldn’t be a problem given that it’s all aluminum and the USB ports are neatly packed. The Satechi stand is an excellent choice if you’re an enthusiast of multifunctions. 

Things We Like

  • 3 USB ports
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Solid aluminum body
  • Elegant minimalistic design
  • Cable management hook 

Things We Don't

  • The holder can be narrow for some headphones
  • Isn’t compatible with all phone brands

What Do You Want Out of a Headset Stand?

What to look in Best Headset Stand

If you’re investing in a new headphone or you got yourself a longtime loyal headset, then you should know that hanging it on a random armrest, tossing it in a drawer or shoving it down a backpack is no way to treat your precious gadget. You want to maintain your headphone scratch-free and correctly- bent, which doesn't quite go along the lines of those storage methods.

That’s why considering a headset stand is rather wise if you’re looking to conveniently put away your headset, be it at home, work or even the times when you’re on the go.

Keeping the type of your setup in mind, here are some guidelines that will better help you chose the ideal headset stand. 


One of the most crucial that often go under the radar is the ability of the headset stand to accommodate the many different brands of headsets. Focusing on its compatibility with just the type of headset you currently own or plan to purchase, is a huge pain that you’ll recognize if you decide to switch types only to find out that your stand won’t roll with it.
It’s best to choose a headset stand that works with most if not all kinds of headsets to be prepared for future changes. 


While a headset stand keeps your headphones safe and sound, it definitely doesn't hurt to look good doing it. The headset stand design is a major attraction point to almost all users as it reflects what they want to see or express.

So seeing that style is all about personal taste, headphone stands are available in a variety of shapes and colors which means you can rest assured that you’ll find one that appeals to you. 


When you think about the stand size, you should define its purpose first. If you travel or move around a lot, a small lightweight stand would most likely work best with you. While if you’re looking to line up multiple headphones, a bigger size is surely due.

The important thing here is for your stand size to fit your needs without taking up excess unnecessary space.


Generally, headset stands are made of really durable materials such as wood, aluminum, and high-quality PVC plastic. Metallic stands are usually pricier as they’re more enduring and live longer. However, other materials are still pretty tough, so you know when you’re getting a headphone stand that it’s going to last.


Imagine buying a headset stand, setting it up, putting your headphones on it, then it simply falls over. Unfortunately, as frustrating as it sounds, this would happen unless you make sure to carefully check the weight limit of your stand because some stands have specific limits on how much weight they can bear.

So be sure to consider this critical detail which basically defines the main job of a headset stand. 


This is where you ask yourself: is my choice still handy? Or did my style preference get in the way? Am I going with the size I really need?

The many features associated with a headset stand can be distracting and may cloud the ultimate goal you’re trying to accomplish. A certain stand design can look good but fail to hold your headphones securely or compromise its ability to do so. That’s why it’s essential to go over such choices to ensure that you’re still on the practical track. 


At the end of the day, we all want to get our money’s worth. That’s exactly why you should know what to expect from what you’re paying for. While you don’t want to go cheap on a product that won’t survive that much, you also don’t want to go overboard and break the bank for an average performance.

I find staying within your budget and assessing the options in that range is key in helping you get the best value you can afford. A win-win.

What Makes a Headset Stand Special?

Nowadays, brands compete more and more on how to make their products stand out from all the others.

That's actually great news for us users as we get to have extra features and tweaks. This equals better quality performance and all around wholesome experience.

Keep an eye for bonus features that are in fact beneficial to you and will add to your overall advantage.

What to look in Best Headset Stand

Connection Ports

Holding a headphone in place may be the fundamental role of a headset stand, but that doesn't mean it's the only one. Several brands of headphones offer other additional functions. One of those is that you can connect or plug in your headphones to the stand for charging or blasting music.

Despite being an optional feature, we can't deny our curiosity with this one and how far it can go.

Padded Stands

Even though it appears to be not so vital, but having padded stands can be an exceptionally good idea for a metallic stand. It can notably minimize scratching of your headphones providing further protection, which is always welcomed.

More Load

Most of the headsets available are built to handle only one headphone at a time which is a disappointment if you intend to use more than just one. Luckily, some models do offer the ability to carry two or more at the same time.

It's only logical here that you know exactly how many headphones you're hanging so you don't end up with less room than you need.


Being adjustable is a downright fantastic option to have. If you own different models of headphones or find it hard to find the correct fit, then this should be perfect for you. You can modify the height of the headset stand to suit what you require. This is also great for any workspace if you change your setting often.

Wrap Up

There’s no right and wrong when shopping for a headset stand. What works best for you and your targeted setting is what really matters. For me, I like my desk spacious with just the absolute essentials on display. That’s why The Anchor won me over. Not only does it guard my headphones, but it also takes up no room all the while being budget-friendly. However, if you like to see what you’re working with, a practical yet reliable choice would be the LUXA2 headphone stand.

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