Best Kids Karaoke Machines in 2019

Nowadays, kids are spending more time tied to screens than ever. Parents are always looking for ways to get their kids off the screen and into real life. Investing in a decent Karaoke machine might be the solution you’re looking for.

Singing is never outdated. It helps children unleash their inner star, build self-confidence and learn some new words. In this guide, we will be reviewing some of the Best Kid Karaoke Machines to smooth out the shopping process for you.

Our Top Picks

Best for Toddlers: UVUXZLW Microphone for Kids

Best for Toddlers: UVUXZLW Microphone for Kids
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A simple device, suitable for toddlers. This is basically a lightweight multipurpose microphone that records, functions as a speaker and connects to Bluetooth. You can connect it to your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth or cable and you’re good to go. As for configuration, a set of buttons are used to control volume, echo, and tone. This makes it easy-to-use by children.

On the playfulness vs educational meter, this device leans towards the playful side. Though it might help develop speech or singing abilities, it has no screen hence no lyrics to educate users. However, if you are buying this to your toddler, you’re probably looking for the fun part. If you were looking for children gift options, this would be your pick. It’s both cute and affordable.

Recommended Age: 2+ years


  • Easy to hold. It weighs only 15.2 ounces
  • Safe. Wireless & battery operated
  • Appealing cartoonish monkey-shaped design
  • 5 – 8 hours working rechargeable battery
  • Relatively low price


  • No monitor. You will need an external one
  • Echo feature can be disturbing for some toddlers

Best for Playtime: Little Pretender Kids Karaoke

If you want to help your kids make their own concert at home, invite over their friends as guest stars and wrap it up with some audience applause. This would be a nice choice.

This Karaoke machine comes with 2 mics and an extendable stand that holds only 1 of them. The stand base has foot pedals that add some tunes and audience effects. The cherry-on-top is some multicolored lights that flash while singing.

It comes with 4 AA batteries for operation, so they need to be replaced every now and then. You can hook it up to nearly any kind of audio source using an AUX cable. This is a plus when it comes to variety, you don’t need to buy CDs. You can use Karaoke tracks from Youtube instead.

Recommended Age: 3+ years


  • Extra mic
  • Multicolored flashing lights
  • Adjustable mic stand. Extends up to 40’ inches
  • Lightweight (2.45 pounds)
  • Easy assembly


  • The extra mic is handheld
  • The connection is through AUX only. No Bluetooth
  • Mic movement limited to chord length
  • Poor stand stability

Best for Portability: Paw Patrol Bluetooth Sing-Along

Best for Portability: Paw Patrol Bluetooth Sing-Along
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This device comes with a lightweight cheerful design with a handle so your kid can take it anywhere easily. It has a microphone attached and illustrative buttons for basic controls: play, pause, reverse…etc

Another unique feature here is a 1 GB internal memory, in which you can store up to 16 hours of recordings. It comes with a USB port too, for extra storage. It includes some rhythm games, as well as, disco lights. It is connected to audio & screening devices through Bluetooth.  

Recommended Age: 2+ years


  • Good storage through memory & USB
  • Rechargeable Batteries. It can be charged using cable too
  • Portable. Suitable for traveling/ commuting/ outdoor activities


  • You cannot record your own signing. The storage feature is for music tracks only

Best Overall: SML385BTW Karaoke Singing Machine

Best Overall: SML385BTW Karaoke Singing Machine
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We chose this machine to be our frontrunner for numerous reasons. For starters, it features a CD+G player, Bluetooth and optional USB. Providing you with endless audio sources options. The dual microphone feature is available and an AUX plug is too.

It comes in 2 colors; white or black. There are USB & Non-USB versions. Opt for the USB one in order not to limit yourself to CDs. Chords are included in the package, in case you want to plug it to your TV.

My favorite feature –probably it’s going to be your kid’s too- is the built-in disco lights. We’ve mentioned lights before, but not like this one. It has 54 LED lights that you can control giving the desired ambiance to your kid’s party!

Recommended age: 3+ years


  • Good value for money
  • AUX plug available
  • It features both CDs & external audio sources


  • AC port is not reliable. Some reviewers reported it broke easily
  • The included microphone has a low volume. But you can replace it with an external one
  • Built-in speaker has limited volume. You can use external ones if you’re looking for something louder

Fancy Choice: Sakar KO2-06027 Frozen Disco Ball Karaoke Machine

Fancy Choice: Sakar KO2-06027 Frozen Disco Ball Karaoke Machine
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Inspired by the movie ‘Frozen’, this machine might be the whole package. The drawback? It’s a bit overpriced. The portable 5.5 pounds squared box has a CD box and audio jack inputs for an extra mic. It features a small glamorous disco ball that can light up the entire room.

The frozen CD has 2 modes of operation: sing along or solo. This can be entertaining for kids who love the movie. However, it is both limiting and costly, because you are limited to songs on the CD.

We recommend this option if your kid is really into Frozen and you have some extra money to spend. Otherwise, there are more budget-friendly options.

Recommended Age: 5 months – 8 years


  • Attractive Frozen-themed design
  • Lightweight
  • Hooks up to a TV


  • European AC plug. May not be compatible with some homes
  • Expensive compared to others

A Closer Look

Is it really worth the money?

When facing various options for kids high-end entertainment devices, the decision can be overwhelming. Let’s explore the benefits of a karaoke machine for kids so you know what you’re spending your money on.

Self-confidence Booster

Building your kid’s self-confidence at a young age is crucial. Encouraging them to perform using these machines can have a strong impact on their self-esteem. Maybe your kid has a potential for something more, who knows?


While learning to read or pronounce words can be tedious for some kids, no kid will say no to a good song! Through educational songs or reading lyrics off-screen, karaoke machines can help improve kid’s reading and pronunciation abilities. Moreover, they promote cognitive and memory skills.


Karaoke nights are not limited to kids! Gathering family and friends to do such activity can help get you closer to each other. Reducing kids’ screen time would be a bonus too.

Are they all the same?

A Karaoke machine system consists of 3 main components: a CD player, speakers, and a monitor. All other features like microphones, USB or AUX cables are considered extras that can be bought separately. However, most of the products we’re reviewing come with their microphones and/or cables. Accordingly, karaoke machines are categorized into 4 main types.

All-in-one System

As the name implies, this type includes all system parts. A CD player, a monitor, and speakers. You will not need any external devices for this one –except for the mic if it’s not included. This works well if you already have the CDs, otherwise, you’ll find yourself buying a bunch of CDs frequently. You know, kids get bored easily.

Note that the built-in monitor is small in size.

TV Monitor System

This system has a CD player and speakers; it requires a TV to screen the lyrics. What I love about this option is that it can be as small as a DVD player. It doesn’t take up space and is easy to take wherever you want.

Depending on the system, you can stream music from the TV or get it separately. Youtube and Google Chrome offer various options for this.

Built-in Microphone

The previous systems need external mics, which may or may not come with the set. This type is mainly composed of a microphone with built-in songs. In most cases, the mic works as speakers too. It is easy to hook up to a TV or stereo system. This works well if you want something that operates easily.

MP3 System

No CDs are needed for this type. You download your songs digitally and just enjoy the music. Using USB or just your smartphone. This option is great if you’re aiming at an unlimited variety of soundtracks.

Features to Consider

Let’s dive deeper and look at what features should you consider while buying and which ones are not necessary.

Age appropriacy

Most devices come with Bluetooth or USB connection, which enables you to play any track you want. This has an obvious downside: no control over what your kids listen to. You have to bear that in mind while shopping. Options with built-in educational songs are suitable for the younger age, while you can use the USB ones with parental control with the older age groups.

Portability & Size

Some systems come with external speakers and a mic stand, others are merely DVD player sized boxes or just a wireless mic. Which one to choose? This depends on 2 factors: house space and your child’s needs.

If you have the room for a whole set, we think you should go for it. It gives the disco atmosphere and grants your kid a few moments of stardom! If your kids want to take their Karaoke party outdoors or while traveling. Go for minimal options.


When it comes to children, you never know how will they end up treating their ‘toys’. That’s why it’s important to check manufacturing material and make sure it’s not brittle or easily damaged.

All the machines we reviewed earlier are mainly plastic or wooden. So, they’ll serve the purpose. You should also look for a stable construction.


Some machines operate on rechargeable batteries. Others need to be wired to an AC source, which could limit your child mobility. You should give that some thought.


Video Camera

Some devices come with a built-in video camera so that kids can record their performances. Although it might be entertaining for kids to watch themselves perform, it is unnecessary. A smartphone camera would do the same task with better quality.

Sound & Voice Effects

This is an extra I’d pay for. Adding some tuning to your child’s voice or some audience clapping would take this experience to a whole new level. These can help them cover mistakes and overcome shyness.


Where to get soundtracks from?

Some devices come with pre-installed music. Others can use music via external sources.

Are Karaoke Machines safe?

Most of them are safe yes. Their power is 5 Watt to protect children and they’re made of safe plastic. However, we advise you to check reviews to look at deeper details like stand stability or microphone chords that might be inconvenient for your children.

What is the difference between a CD & a CDG?

The CD is the normal compact disk player, while the CDG is a compact disk player plus low-resolution graphics displaying the lyrics. It could be played on any compatible device.

Do Karaoke Machines come with a warranty?

Most of them have a 90-day warranty.

Can I hook the Karaoke Machine to my smartphone?

For most of the options, yes. This is not possible for all the devices, though.

Wrap up

It all boils down to your kid’s age and personality. Some would prefer sound quality and versatility, while others would better go along with dazzling disco lights and sound effects. For me, I’d choose the SML385BTW machine. I think it provides one of the best value to money ratio and it’s the most generic in terms of features.

The bottom line is that they all will give your kids one of a kind entertaining experience and will give you too some time off! Go ahead and make your decision.

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