Best Massage Chairs for Gamers to Relax In (2019)

Best Massage Chairs to Buy in 2019

A good massage isn’t just pampering. There are many benefits to having regular massages, like relieving stress and improving circulation. It usually enhances the mood, and it can even help us sleep better.

Proper use improves mobility and promotes healing. Research has also shown that it has a positive effect in boosting the immune system and detoxing your body by assisting in flushing the lymphatic system.

It’s essential to choose a chair that would give you the massage style you need, with the intensity that’s most comfortable for you. Fit is also important. The most ergonomic chair wouldn’t be very comfortable if the person using it is too tall, or too small for it. Using the chair before buying it is a good call.

Massage chairs aren’t all very pretty, some focus more on the function, and if you have to settle for a bulky char, at least find a good spot in your house that’s spacious, and wouldn’t make it stand out too much. But at the same time it needs to be accessible, and in a nice place that promotes relaxation.

Choosing a massaging chair is a big decision, it’s a bit costly, and there are so many features and models, so a wise decision and a smart selection process are called for here!

We have selected massage chairs from the basic to the high-end models. We hope that our favorite massage chairs list would help you narrow down your choice.

Top 6 Best Massage Chairs Comparison Chart

Our Favorite Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is a very efficient massage chair designed for comfort, even beyond massaging!

It simulates the human way of massaging; going from the head down. It has a heating option, which greatly relieves stiffness from the muscles. It’s equipped with four silent rollers, so your massage is intended to be smooth and quiet.

It does the zero gravity positioning recline, and in that position, your vertebrae have very little stress, and your feet are in the same level with your heart, which minimizes the demands on your heart and circulation.

It can do almost all the massaging styles, there are seven massage modes and 2 pre-programmed routines. There’s also the heated airbag therapy, which is known to seriously relieve sore muscles.

It has built-in speakers which is great, to play your favorite music while you have that massage. It also has a USB port, so you can charge your phone and browse while relaxing.

It’s a good looking massage chair, in a field where ugly chairs abound! I believe that it has a lot of value for money.

Things We Like

  • Zero gravity positioning
  • It looks good
  • It has a heating capability
  • Several massage models
  • It has four massaging rollers
  • Quiet operation
  • There are 2 preset massage programs
  • Special programs for full body stretching 
  • 3-levels of Intensity control
  • Possibility to control intensity manually
  • Airbag massage for several fatigue spots
  • Massage simulates human sequences (top down) 
  • Control panel positioned in the armrest for reachability 
  • It has built-in speakers with blue tooth 
  • It also has a USB port so you can charge or browse your phone
  • Good value for money

Things We Don’t

  • Not programmable with customized routines
  • Doesn’t have a cup holder
  • Warranty plan not very comprehensive
OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

The OOTORI massage chair is very functional and sturdy. It focuses all of its resources on giving the best possible massage. That’s why it doesn’t pay too much attention to bells and whistles, or a pretty appearance. It does have a nice faux leather covering, that is also FDA- approved. Still, it’s one of the best chairs we’ve seen so far.

It has the zero gravity positioning, and it adds the option of doing that in three stages to optimize the level of comfort you could get. It has an 8-point massage system, with lumbar heating, various massage modes, airbag full body massage, and even foot massage.

There are several massaging modes in this chair, 4 are pre-programmed, and the rest has manual customization. You can make all your selections from a remote control.

Things We Like

  • Zero gravity positioning in 3 stages
  • 8-point massage system
  • FDA-approved design and cover material
  • Offers the basic massage techniques
  • The remote control selection panel
  • Heating mode with 2 lumbar heaters
  • Vibration mode
  • Full body airbag massage
  • It has foot rollers 
  • High-quality synthetic leather covering
  • Customizable massage modes
  • 4 pre-programmed massage modes
  • Moderately priced
  • Good warranty plan

Things We Don’t

  • It’s a bit bulky 
  • Wouldn’t fit easily with other furniture
  • Not too easy to move around
  • Doesn’t have a selection panel on the chair
Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

This chair is state of the art, high end, very fancy massage chair. It has two unique features: the massage modes inspired by world cultures, old and new. And the input the designers received from 25 different doctors to optimize its functions.

The rest of the features are the top of the line for the similar chairs but done with a little extra something. For example, the full body scan that feeds back into the chair, and the customizable sizing. This gives a high precision, whole other level of relaxation!

For a chair that over the top, we do expect some bells and whistles, and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s a Bluetooth connection for you to connect your chillout playlist, and enjoy your massage session to the max.

Things We Like

  • Massage techniques inspired by several cultures
  • Design assisted by doctors from many disciplines
  • The chair scans the body for optimal performance
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • It offers full body massage from top to bottom
  • The airbags give a chiropractic backstretch
  • Heated massage
  • Deeper and more precise massage by 3D tech
  • Needs to be positioned only 3 in from the wall
  • It has built-in speakers and connection
  • It has wheels so it can be easily moved around
  • Customizable programs, size, and reclining position
  • Extra cushions supplied with the chair

Things We Don’t

  • Bulky and a bit too large
  • Very pricey 
R Rothania Ospirit New Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

This chair offers the basics, but it does so with a lot of creativity and awareness of what the body needs to relax fully. The standard chairs usually work with 4 to 8 fixed points of massage. This one has a dynamic back, with rollers moving up and down an 80 cm track. This creates a massaging effect that’s much deeper and much more efficient.

It also offers full body, sectional, or fixed part massage. It also has airbag massage and backside heating. The length of the leg section is adjustable to fit your height, and most of its parameters’ intensity can be optimized for best results.

Things We Like

  • Its rollers are movable along an 80 cm track
  • Full Airbag massage, including the forearm and wrists
  • Foot and calf massage
  • The built-in sensor determines the back measurements
  • Large screen to display the various functions
  • Operated via a remote control 
  • Relatively lightweight, easy to move
  • It comes in three colors
  • Moderately priced

Things We Don’t

  • Large sized and bulky
  • Doesn’t have a zero gravity position
Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Couch Chair

This chair focuses on form and function simultaneously. Well, maybe a bit more on the form, while sticking with the fundamentals of function. It’s a budget-friendly massage chair, and if we bear that in mind, it’s a very good choice.

The shape, upholstery, and metal frame are sturdy and very easy on the eye. This is a chair you can proudly st up in the living room, it’s not one of those bulky chairs you need to hide in a bedroom or a den!

It offers a basic massage of the back, thighs, and calves. The intensity is adjustable and controllable via a wireless remote controller, and the massage programs are pre-set for user-friendly and easy performance.

The smart design includes a pouch at the side of the chair, conveniently positioned to store the remote controller.

Things We Like

  • Sturdy and elegant
  • Fits nicely in a living room
  • Can be used as a comfortable chair
  • It has 5 preset programs and 9 intensity levels
  • The faux leather cover looks good and it’s easy to clean
  • Reclines to a comfortable position
  • The wireless controller has a storage pouch on the side 
  • Affordable price

Things We Don’t

  • Very fundamental
Murtisol Massage Chair

If you are into Shiatsu massage, this chair would be great for you. It’s stylish, simple, and very efficient.

The design is unique and follows the contours of the human body. It aims to fit most body types and fit into a small space. I believe it does both pretty well. And even though it’s a budget-friendly choice, and doesn’t offer that many massaging styles, it can still do the Shiatsu well.

It can relieve the main parts of the body from the stress and fatigue, starting from the neck all the way down to the thighs. It doesn’t give arm or foot massages though.

Things We Like

  • Elegant design
  • Compact size
  • You can use it for just sitting
  • Good quality PU leather covering
  • Offers a good Shiatsu massage for 7 body parts
  • Massages the neck
  • Moderate price

Things We Don’t

  • Doesn’t give arm, calves, or foot massage. 
  • Doesn’t have the zero gravity positioning

What to Look For in a Massage Chair

Massage Modes and Styles

Every massage chair has an assortment of styles, pre-set programs, and manual adjustments of the intensity of the massage. Does it have airbag massage? Heating? Vibration, zero gravity?

It’s essential to know what the chair offers, and what you actually like. Most people are used to one massage style and very few modes.

Buying exactly what you need can mean saving up a bit, and maybe directing this amount to other features, like a built-in speaker system. 

Best Massage Chairs to Buy in 2019

Size and Form

The chair has to be proportional to your body, and also to the size of your room. A massage chair also reclines, and even flattens during the zero gravity position. Space requirements need to be determined beforehand.

​Customization and Adjustments

Best Massage Chairs to Buy in 2019

Programming, personalization, and manual adjustment of modes determine how comfortable the chair would be. Also, the control method is very important.

Is it a panel in the armrest? A wired remote controller? A wireless one? Any displays of the operation parameters? 

We usually feel better and more relaxed when we feel that we can control our devices.


Some chairs are equipped with castors or are designed to be relatively lightweight, so they can be moved without too much trouble. A heavy immobile chair isn't a very good idea.

Covering Material

The best case scenario is a certified or FDA-approved material. The second best is just making sure it’s made from good quality faux-leather.

Bells and Whistles

A luxury product should have luxury options. A built-in speaker system, Bluetooth connection, cup holder, USB port, are some of the nice features the high-end chairs have.

​The Warranty Plan

Massage chairs cost a lot. You would want to make sure that the manufacturers stand by their product, and if something goes wrong, the equipment will be taken care of. Partial reimbursement or elusive commitments are a no-no.


Q: How Often Can I Use My Massage Chair?

A: The recommended frequency of massages is once or twice a day is more than enough if you just need to relax, if you have back pain, it’s always best to check with your doctor.

Q: How Long Should Each Session Go

A: The massage session length recommendation is 15 to 20 minutes. More than that, your muscles could actually become sore, the way it does after an intense workout.

Q: Can a Child Use This Chair?

A: Anything related to children needs to be cleared by a doctor first. Having said that, there’s also much research that lists the benefits of giving children massages for relaxation and also healing purposes. But we would say this again just to be sure: always check with a doctor!

Q: Can a Massage Chair Make Me Sore?

A: Yes, sometimes using a massage chair can make you sore. It feels the same way as when you start exercising. This has to do with the way muscles behave when they are stimulated, they go into successive cycles of deconstruction and then reconstruction, which is the main reason why we feel sore for a few days after a good sports session.

Our Top Picks

When we talk about massage, we automatically think luxury and aim for the very best, that would be the Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair | Zero Gravity with Heating | Deep Tissue Shiatsu Full Body Massager | Yoga Stretch | Pain Relief | Full Foot Massager | Perfect Luxury Gift (Black) with the unique massage modes inspired from old and new world cultures, and design that takes in consideration the recommendations of 25 doctors. It’s a very sturdy and efficient massage chair and has all the pampering one can think of.

For a budget-friendly, but still a luxurious choice, you could go for the OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Neck, Back, Legs, and Foot Shiatsu Massager with Heat and Foot Rollers (Black) it gives a thorough full body massage, including foot, calves, and arm massage.

Choosing the right massage chair can be so easy!

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