Best Zero Gravity Chair to Buy in 2019

Best Zero Gravity Chair to Buy in 2019

You don’t need to be in space to defy gravity. Zero Gravity Chairs in which you can sit in a weightless position that provides unique comfort and numerous health benefits can have a similar effect.

Zero Gravity Chairs have been growing popular recently due to their full functionality. They can be used for comfort, giving yourself a massage, functioning as a pool chair or an outdoor camping chair.

To compare, we considered different factors: durability, versatility, and aesthetics. We will be reviewing a bunch of the best zero gravity chairs on the market. We hope this helps you make the decision that gives you maximum comfort.

Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chair Comparison Chart

Our Top Picks

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair

This patio chair has grown to become one of the top choices of buyers and reviewers because of the extra comfort it presents. It’s fully padded with a removable padded pillow that makes it a bliss to use.

Its reclination is adjustable, from sitting upright to fully laid out. Once you choose a convenient position, you secure the chair’s position using its 2 side clamps. When fully reclined, it extends to a length of 72 inches. This suits the shorter people better, where some taller ones complained of their feet dangling down the floor.

Worth noting is that the back is suspended with elastic bungees to ensure proper weight support. One of the beloved features is its cup holder.

It features one of the highest weight limits among its competitors, as it supports up to 350 pounds. When it comes to the price, it’s no bargain though, as it’s more expensive than its fellows.

Reviewers reported that this chair won’t stand sun exposure, effects included rusting fabric and dry padding specifically. We don’t recommend it for outdoor use for this reason.

The frame is made of sturdy steel and the fabric is polyester with padding material. It comes in 4 trendy color combos: blue, navy blue, camouflage, and earth. They look nice but not the easiest to match with your decor.


  • High weight limit
  • Extra padding for comfort
  • Full reclination range
  • Cup holder


  • Suits shorter people better
  • Chair is heavy - not portable
  • Sun exposure will ruin it
AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair

If you want a fully functional zero gravity chair without paying much, this is your winner.

The AmazonBasics chair made it to nearly every zero gravity chair list on the internet. Thanks to its powder-coated steel frame that’s durable and lightweight at the same time. Its folding and reclining movement is smooth and it has curved arm sets for extra comfort.

Among several chairs, this one is the best for outdoor use for plenty of reasons. First, it weighs about 16.5 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around. Second, it has no holes so water can’t get it and rust the frame. And third, it withstands sun exposure.

A 300 pounds weight capacity is impressive and the textilene fabric is weather-resistant; meaning it withstands water, humidity and sun exposure. It comes in 4 colors: burgundy, black, blue, and beige.

The thing is that this chair reclines a little bit more than necessary. Whether intentionally or because of a design flaw, it goes down to a 34-degree angle without elevating the knees. We’re skeptical about that, as it, unfortunately, might flip over. Yet it’s still a bargain so if I were you, I’d buy it and be careful.


  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Frame is water-resistant 


  • Bungee cords are not reliable
  • Steep reclination
Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Luxury lovers, who like to pamper themselves from time to time. This one is for you.

Just like its name ‘Real Relax’ this chair will really make you relax. Through its built-in full body massager with heat, it’ll give you the comfort you’re looking for.

Besides reclining to the zero gravity position, the reclination is adjustable. Regarding the massaging feature, there are 8 massage points in the backrest with 4 automatic massaging options with different styles and speeds. In addition to the back massage rollers.

The built-in waist heater improves circulation and metabolism. This chair would be a great asset for people with chronic muscle or back pain. It’s designed by medical professionals, who really seem to know what they’re doing.

It’s not a budget item, yet it’s much cheaper compared to the high-end massage chairs, which makes it worthy to invest in. Beware, it’s too comfy you might find it hard to get off it!


  • Built-in massager & heater
  • Zero gravity position is extra comfortable
  • Easy assembly and operation instructions


  • Bulky
  • Relatively expensive
  • Neck rollers are useless
Best Choice Products Folding Orbital Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

What’s better than a zero gravity chair? An orbital zero gravity one!

These space-like chairs have a cool stylish design that makes it a decoration piece standing by itself. The ergonomic chair is made of woven PVC mesh seating that’s adjustable to your body to grant maximum relaxation and comfort.

One pitfall is that it doesn’t lay flat. However, the zero gravity angle makes up for that and is extremely comfortable.

It rests on crisscrossed steel circles, making it durable and easy to fold. That’s why we find it perfect for camping. Its assembly is a piece of cake, one bar slides into the other and you shouldn’t be facing difficulties following the rest of the instructions.

Maximum weight supported is 264 pounds, which is less than the 300 pounds most chairs provide, yet it’s still durable and won’t break easily.

It comes in a multitude of colors: orange, blue, green, beige, black, and brown.


  • Easy to fold
  • Removable pillow 
  • Variety of color options


  • Not the most durable
  • Seat is not adjustable
Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair Patio

This one can be used as a pool chair, garden chair or even a beach chair.

The built-in canopy shade is a distinct feature. Alongside with a sturdy steel frame, a UV resistant mesh, a removable pillow, and a detachable cup holder tray. These features surely help it to top your options for best outdoor use.

The cup holder tray is of limited use; you need to attach it to the chair after you set it up and detach it before folding the chair, which makes it a hassle to use. The chair doesn’t sit up straight all the way, making it hard to get off somehow.

Despite being resistant to sun exposure, reviewers complained of rusting after rain exposure. If you plan to buy this one, keep it away from water.

This one comes in black and beige only. They’re not the best-functioning ones yet they provide good value for money.


  • Sunshades
  • Good value for money


  • Side locks have poor quality
  • Limited colors
  • Not sturdy

Why Get a Zero Gravity Chair in the First Place?

Rest is as important as motion when it comes to physical health. We’re moving against gravity all the time, which can have negative effects on us in the long run. Here’s when the zero gravity position provided by these chairs comes in handy.

Physicians swear by their benefits. They can relieve leg swelling, improve blood circulation, relief pressure off your spine and enhance blood flow to organs.

People with back or neck pain don’t have to worry anymore, the zero gravity position has proven to help alleviate pain due to the good weight distribution it offers. If the chair features built-in massagers or rollers, its effect will be similar to a therapy session.

Besides their health benefits, the zero gravity position itself grants you stress relief and relaxation.

How to Choose?

With numerous options in the market, the choice can be overwhelming. Here we list the most important criteria to consider before buying your zero gravity chair.

Assess Your Needs

The options on the market are many for a reason. Each chair addresses a set of needs that others don’t. In other words, there’s no ultimate chair for all purposes.

This is why you should start by evaluating your needs. If you need a fancy massaging chair, then you’re looking on the more expensive side and of course automatic massagers and/or heaters. While, if your aim is to just relax by your pool, a simple chair with adjustable reclination will do. 

Best Zero Gravity Chair to Buy in 2019

What weather will you be using it in? Do you need it to be water-resistant? Will it withstand sun exposure? Do you have kids so you need safety guarantees and a durable frame? These are the most important questions to keep in mind while browsing the web for a good purchase. Once you find something that’s not a match, eliminate it from the choice process.


This is something you need to consider with nearly any type of purchases you make. With zero gravity chairs we’re looking at 2 main parts: the frame and the chair material itself.

Most frames are made of steel, some of them are made of plastic. While steal is more sturdy, plastic is lightweight and more portable. So the steel doesn’t always win. Another interesting material is powder coated steel which is a good weather resistant option.

Best Zero Gravity Chair to Buy in 2019

Regarding the chair itself, we’d favor PVC or textilene fabric due to the efficient comfort/endurance balance they provide. 

We prefer stretch fabrics with elastic cords to hold them because they have this ergonomic effect of cradling your body.

Other materials to consider are those of sun shades, bungee cords, and sidelocks.

​Weight Capacity

One of the most important features is how much weight can the chair withstand. An average of 300 pounds is common in the market and acceptable. Some chairs go further to carry 350 pounds while others stop at about 260 which is really low.

Also, take a look at the dimensions, some chairs’ maximum extension is not enough for tall people. Make sure that the dimensions suit you, in all chair positions.


The majority of zero gravity chairs have adjustable reclination options, with multiple positions. Ranging from sit-up position to the full-laid off position. Take care that some chairs don’t provide reclination except for the zero gravity position, like the Folding Orbital Chair we mentioned earlier.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it with the reclination thing, as going beyond your limit may lead to dizziness or nausea.

These reclination positions have locking mechanisms to keep them in place. Dive deep into reviews, because some of them have several complaints.

Portability & Weight

Some people buy these chairs to take them camping or by the beach.

If your purpose is outdoor use, make sure that the chair is lightweight and portable.

Some of them can be folded, making them easy to store and occupy less space. Some are not.

The metal-based luxurious ones are hard to move even within the house. Keep that in mind.

Best Zero Gravity Chair to Buy in 2019


There are some extra features that come with some chairs but might be essential to many. Cup holders and trays are must-haves for some people. Sun shades are indispensable for outdoor use and removable pillows are assets to your comfort. The padding in some chairs is definitely a plus.

​Easy Use & Assembly

Is the chair foldable? Does it come as one part or it needs assembly? These are more factors to consider.

Moreover, take a look at customers’ reviews regarding the manufacturing and assembly to make sure that you’ll be able to assemble it yourself and that the locks, screws, and cords are of decent quality.

Wrap Up

When looking for the Best Zero Gravity Chair don’t settle for a humble one. Carefully evaluate your needs and even the accessories you’d like included. This is a long term investment that you’d like to put into something worthy.

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is our favorite because it offers a lot for its price. It’s sturdy, comfortable and has a decent cup holder. Most importantly, its full reclination range is impressive.

The Real Relax Shiatsu is a no joke too. In case of having some extra cash, we’d definitely invest in that. For the drastic effects, it has on health and wellbeing.

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