Clutch Gaming Chair Review | Crank Series by Clutch Chairz

Clutch Gaming Chair Features

  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: lumbar cushion
  • Wider seat, Patent race car seat breathable material: Leather Style Vinyl
  • Mechanism: Swivel-tilt mechanism,Tilt lock,12 degrees of tilt
  • Backrest Recline Function:Adjustment angle from 85-135 degrees

Clutch Chairz Crank Series Video Review

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What's up, guys? Back with a full review of Clutch Chairz, reviewing the Crank Series, Delta Chair. Nice blue, black, very simple, simplicity chair. But I'm going to show you guys the functionality of the chair, what you could do, it's comfortableness. And you guys can see my thighs today because it's hot as balls out in Jersey, so I'm wearing shorts, whatever.

But anyway, let's get right into it. I am ... This is the Crank Series, Delta Chair. They also have three other chairs, the Throttle, Gear, and the Shift Series Chairs. All chairs are different. They're not all the same design. Some of them are different. They have, actually, different ... Some of them are a little wider right here. All different sizes, all different shapes, different patterns. You can get them in different colors like green, red ... The link of the site will be below. But anyway, we're here to review this chair.

Now, let me just start off by saying this chair has been a godsend to not only my butt, but my back. And that was a big thing with my old chair. When I was gaming or streaming, I wouldn't really ... I was hunched over, leaning, because the back of the chair was so far back, and I don't game like this. You know, I kind of sit up straight and game, and my lower back was actually killing me to no point. It was like sharp hands going through my back.

I finally got this chair yesterday, so I had a full night to play games in it. And it was ... I'm not even lying to you guys. It was the most comfortable chair that I have ever sat in. Not only ... It's very ... It's cushiony, it's very cushiony, and it also has like the back holders, which I'll get into. But now let's get into it.

So, first off, since I'm sitting here now, okay? First off, which I do like, I do like that they are extra wide, 3D arms that you can maneuver whichever way you want with the simple button on the side right here. They're right on the top. There's two buttons right here.

Buttons. I usually play with them, depending on where I am. If I'm playing like Overwatch, it's more like this, and stuff like that. But I do like that. They are padded, so they are kind of squish-any, and they also go up and down with two little levers on the sides right here? Hold on, let me get a close-up for you guys.

So I'm hand-helding in this camera right now. But this lever right here? It lowers it, raises it, and then the buttons on the inside, as you can see right here, is what moves it. It's at the side. And they are very nice armrests. Very, very nice armrests.

Okay! Getting back into it now. I'm going to talk about these things right here. Because these is pretty much what saved my back. This is an extra wide ... I'm still gonna call it a back bolster because that's, I guess, the ... I'm just used to that term because I come from the car world, and it's the bottom of your back to mid-back, and it's very comfortable.

Now also, again, with the head cushion. Now I want to show you guys what's actually in these. And these are very ... It's almost like ... It's kind of like memory foam, but it's not. It's a very high-density foam. As you see, a very high-density foam. I have an extra pillow here, so I can show you. This is the inside. This is the inside of the foam. I don't know if you guys can hear me. My mic's way over there. But it's very ... like very squishy. It's very, very ... It's like a stress ball pretty much.

Now, also with the chair ... Let me just get rid of this, and put that off to the side. Now, also with the chair, it is a full-tilt chair, which is comfortable. You know, if you want to just move these down or move these down, and just kind of game somewhere like that. It's a full tilt. Now with a lever on the side right here, this, if I push it down, it keeps the tilt where you want it. Like this. And then, you pull it back up, and it brings it back down. So, full tilt. You can keep the tilt wherever you want.

And also, it's a two-lever mechanism, which most chairs actually only have one. So, and then this one, obviously, it's right back here. Up, down. Bring the chair up, bring the chair down. Very simple. Very, very simple. And it's just ... I cannot get over how comfortable this chair is.

Now, I'm also going to reference something else that they sent me of what this chair has that other chairs don't have. And the frame of the chair itself is ... Let me move this over here. The frame of the chair itself is made of a full steel frame, which I'll show right here.

And you can see, it's a full steel frame chair. So this thing's going to be able to hold a lot of weight. Now, as I also mentioned in the unboxing video, previous video, that when you're ordering these chairs, you can also pick a chair that fits to your size and height. Just so it's a little bit more comfortable. I'm not saying that you have to do that, but you can. There's also multiple patterns too that you can choose from as well.

Now, on the bottom of the chair, you will see a knob right here. Now, this knob is the tilt tension, which means if you screw it this way, you make the tension tighter, which pretty means it's gonna be a little bit more effort to tilt the chair back and forth. And if you turn it this way, the tilt will be flawless. The chair ... You can rock the chair back and forth, the tilt, you know, a lot smoother, and more like fluid, I guess. And so, you can pretty much do the chair however you like.

Now, obviously, this is the lever, which is the tilt lock, as I call it. So like again, you push down, and that locks the chair in whatever tilt position you want it. And then you can put it back up, and then the chair, you can tilt however you want, obviously. And then, this lever over here is the lever to go up and down.

All right. So I do have an extra one of these, and hopefully everything is in frame. But this right here, which I did show in the other video, the base of this chair is full alloy, and they are actually, I think I was reading, two and a half inch casters, which is this part. This thing is a monster. It's thick. Finger's always good. This is not going to break. It's alloy. It's like what your car wheels are made of, are alloy. This is what this is made of, so this is going to be sturdy as all hell. Two and a half inch bigger casters. There's some ... That's some grease right there. But two and a half inch casters, full alloy base. This is going to be sturdy. This is going to ... This is sturdy. Sturdy as hell!

All in all, this chair is a very good buy. And actually, at the moment of me actually recording this, they are on sale right now, which is ... actually floored me. I actually had to ask them. I was just like, "Are those prices right because they weren't that cheap before?" But this is the full wraparound. It's full design, front, back, very comfortable, very simple to put together. Boxed in and assembly video of this chair will be in inscription below, which you guys can go watch. It kind of shows you how to put the chair together, if you do plan on buying one of these.

And it's just ... It's a very, very simple, nice chair, very comfortable. And if I honestly had to rate it out of like a 10 I would, no joke, give it like a 9 out of 10. I'm saying 9 out of 10, not 10 out of 10, because maybe it's ... These are squishy, but maybe in future chairs, you know, they could put a little bit, you know, like a little pad in, as like maybe like as an add-on, maybe. Maybe they can do some add-ons to this chair. You can get padded armrests instead of just like a nice like light squishy like this is, but maybe ... Clutch Chair, if you're watching this, take that idea, and maybe we could do some add-ons with the chairs. When you're purchasing chairs, you can add cushioned armrest to the 3D rest, et cetera, et cetera. I got you, Clutch. I got you.

But guys, this is the Clutch Chair that I am now sponsored by, and it's a very nice, simple, sturdy, robust chair. And like I said, when you're ordering these, you can pick a chair that fits your body type, so you are the most comfortable when gaming or just in your office, wherever you want the chair. And it's ... I cannot get enough. Like I honestly want to switch out all of my chairs in my house to these right now.

A lot of my friends are actually looking into them because they came over and tested the chair as well, which maybe I'll do another video of my friends coming over and testing the chair out. I'll let them game a little bit, and then they can talk about the chair, and you can see their personal opinion because a lot of people will think, "Oh, you know, you're only saying that because now you're sponsored by them, so you want to look good." No, I don't sugarcoat anything. I will never ... If I didn't like something of the chair, I would've mentioned that. Because how I see a company ... If you want to see a company succeed, you need to tell them their flaws so they can fix it so they can become a better company. And that's how I feel.

But personally, the only thing I would probably want out of a chair like this, or just maybe like an extra cushiony armrest. That's just my personal opinion though. So maybe like I said, maybe in the future, they can do little add-ons. It'd be when you're purchasing, "Hey, would you like an extra cushion armrest?" Click. Cool. An extra 50 bucks or something like that.

But guys, this is the Clutch Chair. I hope you like this review. I'm going to probably do a nice little pan of the chair so you guys get a closer look with some sweet melody music.

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