Office Master OM5 Review – Worth The Price Tag?

On average, Americans spend 13 hours a day sitting. A very sad fact if you ask me, especially that sitting for long hours has been proven to result in stress, back and neck pains. However, the Office Master OM5 casually makes up for all of your comfort concerns and completely amps up your gaming experience.

The OM5 is flexible, has a comfortable posture and a simple yet elegant design look to it making it one of the first options for gamers, engineers, IT professionals and anyone who spends most of their time sitting at a computer desk.

There are many great qualities in the OM5 that are worth mentioning as well as some not-so good-features that we’ve come to discover after trying it out.

Office Master OM5 Overview

One of the things that make this chair really stand out is the fact that you get the utmost comfort and support without having to add any extra manual adjustments.

You almost feel like you’re sitting in a first-class passenger seat!

The OM5 contours to your body and is customized to meet your preferences with their small, medium and tall models.

PolyFlex Back

Another great feature in the OM5 is the PolyFlex back which offers full support to your back while sitting. The back also has symmetrical slat lengths that move in unison and ensure breathability and a cool sensation while sitting.

The chair also has a lumbar-support technique which you can easily adjust to meet your right sitting posture.

Seat Mechanism

The OM5 might be a good choice if you can't seem to find comfortable seating. The seat is balanced perfectly for your comfort and support with just the right thickness and padding. It also offers a self-regulating mechanism to provide lumbar support without any manual adjustments. There aren't any knobs so it spontaneously adjusts to your body and range of motion.

Ergonomic Design

With the Body-Activated Motion (BAM) feature, the OM5 chair responds to your weight and position without any manual adjustment knobs.

The chair also offers other ergonomic features like Virtual Pause, Variable Back Response and front edge Waterfall Flex making it a good and functional option for PC gamers.

Office Master OM5 Features

  • Weight capacity up to 300 lbs
  • Body-Activated Motion (BAM)
  • Virtual Pause
  • Variable Back Response
  • Front Edge Waterfall Flex
  • Swing Arms

What we don’t like about the OM5

As impressive as the features are, the OM5 does come with a number of downsides. Some users have experienced a number of difficulties with the technicality of the chair and its auto-adjustment features at first.

However, once you’ve gotten used to its features, everything falls into place.

There’s also an issue with the lumbar support functionality. The chair has a tendency of slipping down with some movement which might cause a little bit of discomfort.

A few of the customers, especially the somewhat larger people have had a problem with the way the chair tilts backward easily which can be alarming and worrying for some.

Maneuvering and rolling are said to be a little hard on flat carpets. You’ll need more force to get the chair moving at the desired pace with a thick carpet underneath it. Some clients would’ve been more satisfied if the chair had more than just the two rollers (one under the seat and one under the chair’s back).

Unique Selling Points

Stylish and Comfy

Designed by Francisco Romero of Phidesign, the OM5 comes in different colors and fabrics, an option I’m sure all the décor fans will really appreciate. The basic fabric is 100% Marquesa lana which comes in blue, black, burgundy, charcoal gray and navy. Other fabric options are the spice fabric and celestial fabric which are both 100% recycled polyester.

The chair’s lightweight aluminum base also adds to its style and build quality. This also makes the OM5 easily handled and more enjoyable to move around and play with.

Intuitively Adjustable

The OM5 is manufactured with a single lever -which only controls the chair's height - unlike other gamer chairs in the market. Everything else regarding the seat and its adjustments is automatically controlled and oriented to meet your body movement, weight and posture.

Waterfall Lip

We have come to appreciate the waterfall seat which is exactly the right size for comfortable and enjoyable seating. It gives a good depth to the seat making it easier to spend hours sitting without the need to add a seat slider.

The fact that the chair is created to serve and fit a wide range of users and self-adjusts to meet my body’s movements instead of having to adjust the chair manually every time my wife and kids use it is a great plus. I’m sure everyone that shares the chair with others would relate. I also appreciate the dis-engageable locks that are on the arms of the chair to vertically adjust the armrest to ensure the utmost comfort.

The chair looks simple, stylish and smart. There are a large number of colors for the cushions and a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. You can easily fit the chair to match any décor and interior within the house, making the chair an item even your wife would fancy.

The best part about the Office Master OM5 is that all of the its parts come with a limited lifetime warranty against structural failure and damage. Control handles are also guaranteed under commercial use for the first-hand purchasers.

As much as the negative customers' review are all valid points, I still find myself enjoying the chair and move around with it freely, lean back instead of being constantly stuck in the same position for long periods. I can safely say that most of the negative feedback about the OM5 can easily be overlooked once you get a little used to it.

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