Top 10 Gamers to Follow Now

Top 10 Gamers to Follow Now

Gamers are taking social media by storm, and every channel is dominated by gamers and their content. In fact, in 2017, gamer DanTDM was the highest paid YouTuber in the world, with an estimated $16.5 million dollars from YouTube alone. Here are some of the top gamers to watch.


Daniel Robert Middleton, owner of YouTube channels TheDiamondMinecart and MoreTDM, is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, ranked by viewership. As of August 2018, he has over 20 million subscribers and over 13 billion views. Forbes has ranked him the highest paid YouTube star in 2017, and he has also earned several Kids' Choice Awards for his gaming.

While his channel originally focused on Minecraft, in recent years he has expanded to occasionally include other games like Roblox and Tomodachi Life. In 2017, he premiered a web series on YouTube Red called DanTDM Creates a Big Scene, which ran for 6 episodes.

Gamers are taking social media by storm


Seán William McLoughlin is an Irish YouTuber, owner and operator of website and YouTube channel Jacksepticeye. His is currently the 37th most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, with 20 million subscribers and over 9 billion views. In 2017, he was featured in the RTE2 Rich List in the “30 under 30” category.

His channel has historically focused on Let's Play or vlog style posts, and gained a lot of traction on YouTube when he was mentioned in a PewDiePie video in 2013. Since then, his partnership with Disney has led to guest appearances on television and within games, and has agreed to a multi-year deal to produce exclusive content for Twitch.


Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is better known as PewDiePie. Despite his 2017 controversies, he remains one of the most important and significant YouTubers and gamers to follow. From December 2014 to February 2017, his YouTube channel was the most viewed of all time, and has received more than 18 billion views to date. His was the first YouTube channel to receive more than 50 million subscribers. In 2016, Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

While PewDiePie was originally famous for his Let's Play game commentaries, particularly in the horror genre, over time he branched out to include a lot more indie games, and his channel became an important vehicle for exposure for new games. In recent years, he has expanded his vlogging content and posted more preformatted shows.


Adam Dahlberg is a legendary YouTuber with more than 11 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views, who makes an estimated $2,000 per video off of views alone. The original channel, Skydoesminecraft, focused on Minecraft (obviously), and included multiple merchandising partnerships. In July of this year, Adam announced his intention to leave gaming videos and pursue a new music channel called NetNobody. However, he is expanding the Skydidminecraft channel to include user-created content, using the huge visibility of his existing fanbase to continue to host Minecraft content and support his fans.


Lia Wolf's YouTube channel focuses on gaming videos, vlogs, and reaction videos. Her YouTube channel has over 11 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views. She also has over a million followers on Twitter, 3.5 million followers on Instagram, and over 100k views on Twitch. She specializes in Let's Play videos of Call of Duty, but posts popular content across a broad spectrum of topics and interests.


Tom Cassell is better known as Tom Syndicate, and is most famous for being the first player to have a million followers on Twitch back in 2015. Today, his Twitch channel has 2.5 million subscribers, and his YouTube channel has nearly 10 million followers and over 2 billion views. He is most famous for his playthroughs of games like Halo, Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. He also has a second channel that hosts vlogs and lifestyle content.


Evan Fong is a Canadian YouTuber famous for videos where he challenges other players or YouTubers  and shows montage-style clips of the game play and conversation in action. He has 23.5 million subscribers and almost 10 billion views, and was the second highest paid YouTuber of 2017. He was nominated as a trending gamer in 2014's Game Awards and nominated for a gaming award in the 2016 Shorty Awards. He is best known for playing Call of Duty: World at War and GTAV.

Youtubers life


American YouTuber  Mark Fischbach is well known for funny gaming videos and gaming parody videos. He has 21 million subscribers and over 9 billion views, and was the fourth highest paid YouTuber in 2017. His channel features Let's Play videos, primarily in the horror and indie genres, and in 2017 he also completed his first improv comedy tour.


Sonja Reid is a Canadian, and one of the newer generation of gamers who started on Twitch and then branched out into YouTube. With 775K followers each on Twitch and YouTube, and nearly 9 million views on Twitch, 81 million on YouTube, she has earned coveted Twitch partner status. She smartly tailors content for each platform to appeal to different audiences, and remains one to watch.


Mari Takahashi got her start on the legendary Smosh Games YouTube channel, and has turned that into a social media empire. Famous for Maricraft, a series focusing on her Minecraft gameplay, she also appeared on the 33rd season of the TV show “Survivor.”

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