12 Of The Craziest Gaming Setups

12 Of The Craziest Gaming Setups

When you want a great gaming setup, it's wise to look around and get an idea of the kind of look you're going for.

In addition, you'll want to consider whether you're online or offline gaming as well as making the decision between PC and console gaming.

These 12 amazing gaming setups can help you get an idea!


One of the key pieces of a great gaming setup is plenty of screens that work together to see what you're doing, or for multitasking! The ItsMill0w setup includes 5 monitors as well as an Intel i7 4790k CPU, an MSI 980 4GB GPU and a great pair of Audio Technica m40x headphones. You can also opt to pick a color scheme like black and red or choose your own favorite colors. 


Another multi-viewing option is the C.Valk, which includes a fantastic space theme. It also features an Intel Core i5 6600 and GTX 1070 GPU among a multitude of other great additions. You'll also find a lot of blue coloring with this setup, due to the theme of space. However, you can always feel free to change it up if you'd prefer a slightly different look overall. 

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Stanlerd R

With 4 monitors and a deep red theme, this is one setup that's hard to go wrong with. It uses a GTX 980Ti as well as an Intel i7 5820K CPU for plenty of power and capability. To add to the red theme, this option also includes a Corsair 750T Case and a Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Keyboard. Paired with a matching gaming chair, this is one setup that really can't fail. 

Karl Conrad

If you love curved, large screens then this setup may be the ideal choice for you. It contains three LG Ultrawide Monitors as well as a 5K iMac so that you can game, watch and search as much as you need to. In addition, it includes your console setup with a PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. There's no end to the fun you can have while using this fantastic setup. 


With 6 screens and a TV nearby for a variety of entertainment, this setup is truly a fantastic one. It includes a Mackintosh Pro 4k, 10 Core 64GB d700 and six, 27” screens to get the job done. Paired with your choice of color wallpapers and backlighting, it can really bring together a great look overall. Some may even choose to add in a white desk for a great purple/white combination. 


This is a setup for the most intense gamers out there, and it looks like something you'd find at NASA. Including a variety of PCs, 9+ monitors for accurate viewing on each setup and Nvidia GTX CPUs as well as Core i7s all around, you'll pretty much have a PC for anything you need. Altogether, it's a sight that is sure to leave any gamer breathless. 


If you prefer larger screens to having 4+ monitors, then the TechTM setup is where it's at. It offers a classic appearance with one large Hisense 4k 58” TV as well as a pair of Dell u2414h monitors so that you'll have all the viewing space you need. Furthermore, it includes an Intel i5 4590k CPU and NZXT Kraken x52 Cooler to keep everything functioning smoothly during playtime. 

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When you want a theme that goes beyond color, the Scottemz setup is worth checking out. This setup includes a Star Wars theme combined with some simple textures for the altogether perfect look. Furthermore, the entire space is designed perfectly for both PC and console gaming as well as those Netflix binges that can take up gaming time here and there. 

Lemuel S

Another option with multiple PCs is the Lemuel S setup. This one includes a pair of PC/multi-monitor setups that are perfectly suited for different kinds of gaming. At the primary station rests three monitors as well as an Intel i7-6800K for the perfect gaming experience. 


This setup will have you looking like a DJ while you play your favorite games. It includes a pair of monitors as well as a 55” TV for when you want the best possible viewing. Dual KRK VXT speakers also allow the sound of your gaming to make you feel like you're really there! 


If you like something a little more minimalistic, this is a great setup to guide your choices. It includes dual monitors in a vertical positioning as well as a simple but effective desk setup. Furthermore, it includes a Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM and an Intel i7-4790k CPU. 


If a console gaming setup is what you prefer, then the Chroman 16 can show you how to manage that. You can also add your PC to this setup, but it's likely to work best with and XBOX, PlayStation or even Oculus Rift platform.

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