Runmus Gaming Headset Review (K8)

RUNMUS makes a variety of gaming headsets to meet the specific needs of gamers, but it’s their K8 Gaming Headset in particular that has earned a spot on our list of the best gaming headsets under $100 of 2018.

It checks all the right boxes by offering multi-platform compatibility, an ergonomic design, and a true Surround Sound effect. It does all of this while being sold at a price point that’s incredibly affordable for just about anyone.


As you would expect from a company that puts out such a large variety of high quality gaming headsets, the K8 has tons of features that will make gamers happy. It has superior 50mm audio drivers combined with advanced audio techniques to deliver a true Surround Sound effect.

The microphone is noise canceling and anti-static for crystal-clear communication even during the most frantic of Fortnite firefights.The lightweight, ergonomic design will keep you feeling comfortable while you’re enjoying those marathon gaming sessions. And whether you play on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, or your PC or Mac, the K8 has you covered with compatibility.

What’s to like about the RUNMUS K8 Gaming Headset

The K8 offers an excellent sound quality at a nearly unbeatable entry level price. We’ve seriously seen $200 headsets that don’t have this kind of audio quality.

What’s not to like about the RUNMUS K8 Gaming Headset

The only major negative that we could find with the K8 is that the cord length is rather long. It’s a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things, but we definitely had to rearrange the cord positioning more than a couple of times while using the headset with console gaming.


  • Outstanding audio quality at an even better price
  • Anti-static microphone works great for keeping communication crystal clear
  • Ergonomic design keeps you comfortable even during marathon gaming sessions


  • Cord is a little bit too long for our preferences


The K8. This is the company right here, RUN MUS. It is very lightweight. It is not heavy at all. I mean it says in the corner, lightweight and yeah, that box is very lightweight. So, with no further delay. Okay. So in the box, we also have a manual, I’ll take a look at the manual in a second, set the box to the side, set the manual over here.


So, it’s wrapped up nicely, lots of bubble wrap. So, okay. Wired. Yeah, nice. Bunch of cushions up here on the top, keep you comfortable. Cushions here, keep it nice and soft on your ears, keep you comfortable. I do like that. Got some silver, chrome looking design here. I like the black and blue, that’s always a good color combo. That’s a nice protection on the microphone right there.


Let’s take a look at this cable. I like that it’s a fabric cable. It’s not rubber. Rubber can dry out. Fabric is usually better. It comes with a built in splitter, it looks like. I like that, probably for headphones and then microphones. So you have the dual function, or you can just plug it straight in, so this is how you’d plug it into your PlayStation 4 controller. And this is how you can plug it into something else, maybe your PC.


Okay, so I do like that. I like the fact it has the adapter. You can see volume here. Excuse me, that’s upside-down. You’ve got a volume, on and off, so there’s a mute, automatic mute, I like that. And then there’s volume. And then there’s also USB. So yeah. I like that there’s a lot of different plugs and I like the fact that it even comes with an adapter.


Okay, so what I have now is I’ve plugged in the USB just to get the LEDs lit up, so that’s cool. The R is backwards on this side, but no biggie. So this’d be your right and your left. But, as you can see, it lights up pretty well. One thing I’ve already noticed, the USB is not for the audio, the USB is only to power this. So this headset needs no drivers, and it’ll work on anything with a headset jack. I do like that, that’s a very good bonus. I could use this for headphones if I want.


When it comes to the sound quality of the headphones, I would say it’s well above average when compared to headphones in the same price range. I have used it for music, and I could feel the bass vibrating as well as the treble coming in decently. Needless to say, I was impressed. The microphone quality is good as well, but I must mention that the quality of the mic will depend on your sound card if you plan you use this on the PC.


The reason for this is because the headset is analog and not digital. The USB is only used to power the LED. It does not transfer sound. The sound will be through the 3.5mm jack. This is good for a few reasons. For one, you don’t need any drivers, and for two, it will work on any device with a 3.5mm jack.


So to sum it up, on the plus side of things, adjustable size to fit most people. It’s comfortable and lightweight. I can’t stand heavy headsets. This is less than one pound. The USB-powered LED, this means low power consumption. The cable is over seven feet long, this should reach to your console or PC with no problem, and it comes with an adapter. No drivers needed. It works on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Although if you have an older Xbox One controller, you will need an Xbox One stereo headset adapter.


Now on the flip side, here are the things that could be improved. No Bluetooth, but that would sacrifice compatibility, for a wired headset, it is what it is. The LED are not RGB, so if your setup is, you would have to set it to blue to match it. No USB support. The headset will not work via the USB only, that’s only for power. The R on the right side is backwards. Not a big deal, but kinda funny.


Overall, it’s a good headset, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like some of these other gaming headsets, I’ll include a link in the description if you’re interested in getting a pair of your own. I’m ICC, thanks for watching, peace.

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